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Neon signs are about the last thing that springs to mind when you see High Street, the latest of the scrumptious Lily Ashbury fabrics. But Stephanie Carter, the designer of those fabrics, says her grandfather, who was a designer of neon signs and an oil painter, was especially important in encouraging her penchant for drawing, painting, and making things.

“I spent my childhood summers at my grandparent’s house on Bowen Island, a lovely, short ferry ride from Vancouver [where Stephanie grew up and still lives], and my grandfather helped nurture my love of all things creative from a very young age,” says Stephanie. “I eventually became an illustrator, starting out by creating drawings for the local newspaper, then went on to work with many advertising agencies and corporate clients. I was even lucky enough to design a Canadian stamp a few years ago.”
In order to prevent confusion amongst her clients, she chose the name Lily Ashbury when she started designing fabric, because she feels it invokes the lively and feminine qualities in her designs.

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Gypsy Girl Wishing Well Blue


High Street- Lemonade


Summer Breeze Yellow